The foundation is a vital part of a building's structure. It needs to be in good shape to protect the occupants as well as the investment in the property. Foundation problems left unchecked can become more expensive to repair as time goes on so catch it early. Structures in Arizona are especially vulnerable to foundation damage because of the expansive nature of the soil.

You should check foundations regularly. There are several things to look for when inspecting for foundation problems:

  1. Check for plants or grass being irrigated next to the foundation. 
  2. Walk around the perimeter checking for cracks in the stucco or footer. 
  3. Look for shifting wall connections such as at corners. 
  4. Check for exposed footers from stucco or siding damage. 
  5. Walk the inside of the property and check for drywall damage. 
  6. Check cracked tile grout lines or broken tile. 
  7. Check to see that interior and exterior doors open and close properly. 

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