What causes air conditioning systems to freeze-up?

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There are several reasons that your air conditioning unit may begin to develop a layer of ice and eventually completely freeze over. Sometimes there is a more significant problem like a small leak in the the refrigerant line, a bad compressor or broken fan that will require the help of a professional AC repair company. But, more often that not, the problem is fairly simple and can be easily remedied by the maintenance manager or the resident. Here are a a few things to consider when your AC unit freezes up.

Do not apply any heat to the coils on the AC unit to promote thawing. The drastic change in temperature is a sure way to crack the coil line or the joints and fittings in the system. The ice must be allowed to thaw naturally.

Make sure to keep your system clean with frequent ac filter changes and periodic coil cleaning. When cleaning the coils, be careful not to damage the delicate aluminum fins surrounding the coils. It is best to use compressed air to gently blow out the could to remove dust and debris that has accumulated. This seems simple, but any restriction of air flow causes ice to form on the coils and eventually freeze over.

Check the fan and make sure it is turning freely. If your fan is binding in any way, it will not pull sufficient air through the system so it can function properly. This also puts unnecessary stress on the motor which will eventually cause it to fail. Make sure your vents are adjusted for easy airflow to allow the system to function without stress.

Check refrigerant levels. Sometimes a low refrigerant level can cause ice to form in the line and restrict freon coolant flow.

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