Combining hundreds of wires with tight, dark spaces usually doesn’t make for the most enjoyable situation. It’s true: electrical projects can be tricky work. In this helpful post, we recommend having these supplies on-hand on your property for even the biggest jobs. Click on the links to see brands and prices from Home Depot.

1. Tools
First, you’re going to need some basic tools. Among these are wire cutters and strippers, astapler (not the kind from Office Max), and a screwdriver with both Phillips and flatheads.

2. Wire-Nuts
If your garage looks anything like ours, it has wire-nuts in just about every toolbox, usually spilled out of the bag. In all seriousness though, wire-nuts are essential items to have on-hand.

3. Cable
Arguably the most essential item for any electrical project, cable has all kinds of types. Determine which kinds of cable you will need (“will it handle the amperage?” and “what is it’s resistance?” are good questions to consider). Also, keep in mind that cable is like toilet paper. It’s always a good idea to have a little extra handy. Make sure you have about 10% more than you think you might need for your project.

4. Wire Connectors
Wire connectors are conductive devices that are used for connecting electrical circuits (think pipe couplings) and are used for most electrical jobs. Determine how many cable slices you plan to make for your project and then buy two wire connectors for each slice.

5. Insulated staples and electrical tape
We usually group these two together because both are used to mount or bunch wires. Electrical tape is usually very sticky but can be weaker in some warmer, more humid climates. Staplescome in different sizes so be sure to pick up the right ones otherwise you may accidentally damage the wires if, for example, the staples are too small.

6. Boxes
You will need a box for every switch and outlet. Make sure that the box you buy corresponds with the cable that you are using. Boxes do not require the use of a wire connector.

7. Wall Plates
These are everybody’s favorite because they are easiest to install and are usually the last item in the project. Plus, wall plates come in all kinds of styles so pick the one that you like the best.

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