What is a Rooter...?

We hear the term "rooter" or "roto-rooter" often in the plumbing world. A rooter is a machine that was invented out of frustration and necessity in order to clear tree roots from drain pipes. One of the most common drain clogs or stoppages come from tree roots invading underground sewer or drain pipes. A rooter drain cleaning tool is essentially a heavy duty drain-snake with rotating blades on the end. The plumbing professional feeds the rotating blades into the root infested pipe literally cutting the roots away leaving you with a smooth, clean inner pipe wall.

It is amazing how often roots can completely take over a drain pipe. Just recently one of our plumber removed a twelve-foot section of root from a drain pipe in Chandler Arizona. The video was taken with the plumbing technician's cell phone and the resolution isn't the greatest... but it is a great example of how invasive tree roots can be to your plumbing system.

Drain problems of this magnitude require more than the right equipment to resolve. They require training and experience. It is easy to actually do more damage than good with a drain-rooter if you have never used one before. If you suspect that your sewer or drains are blocked, make sure to call an Arizona plumbing professional to help clean out your system and get all of your drains flowing smoothly.

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