Is it really necessary to perform an annual air conditioning unit tune-up?

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Property maintenance supervisors in the Phoenix area dread the onset of warm weather each year. They know the phone calls from residents regarding their AC unit performance are going to start rolling in all at once. So, how important is an annual AC unit tune-up and is it worth the time and/or money?

Some points to consider… Performing an AC tune-up in Phoenix will help reduce your energy bill as the unit will perform more efficiently after clean-out and lubrication. This enhanced performance alone will more than pay for the tune-up in savings. The equipment will also last longer as consistent maintenance extends the HVAC system's life. Also, potential problems can be averted by checking all of the unit's important components before complete failure. Prevention is the best way to save down time and money when it comes to your heating and cooling systems in Arizona.

A typical "full service" professional AC tune-up in the Phoenix AZ area includes the following:

  • Calibrate and level thermostat
  • Clean filters as needed
  • Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
  • Lubricate and inspect bearings for wear
  • Clean indoor coil if accessible
  • Flush/treat condensate drain with anti-algae
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Monitor operating pressure of refrigerant
  • Inspect safety devices for proper operation
  • Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  • Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
  • Test and inspect capacitors
  • Inspect fan blades
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  • Inspect service valves for proper operation
  • Measure temperature difference – supply/return
  • Inspect duct work for energy loss
  • Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw & wiring connections
  • Clean debris from around the condenser

Save time and money by hiring a professional AC service in Phoenix.

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