Protect your commercial property from flood damage

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Have you ever got a phone call in the middle of the night with a tenant telling you they have a leaking water heater pipe? Even just a little water from a leaking pipe can cause extensive damage to your property. Many times what causes the water damage is from the pipes of an appliance, like a water heater, washing machine, dish washer, ice maker or sink. Protect your floors, carpets and furniture from water damage and prevent water leaks with FloodStop.

The FloodStop water leak detection system works by detecting a water leak using a sensor and automatically shutting off the supply at its source using a motorized ball valve. This is a smart way to protect your business from flood damage associated with a plumbing leak. Designed for both residential and commercial, if a property appliance should begin to leak, the sensor tells the water valve to close and alert you with an alarm.

Don't wait until it's too late. Many property managers will have a FloodStop System installed after they have experienced a damaging water leak on their property. Don't take the risk. Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs by calling a professional plumber and have this product installed.


  1. What a cracking idea! And yes, I wouldmlike to install one after the event. I have just had to repair a flooded apartment and shop in Constanta, Romania. Where can I find one?

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