Even though not all of these steps apply to every boiler design, we thought they might prove helpful in designing a planned preventive maintenance check list for your facility.


  • Open front and rear doors. Clean and vacuum fireside surfaces as required.
  • Inspect all refractory. Patch and wash coat as required.
  • Inspect all gasketing on front and rear doors and replace as necessary.
  • Seal and close front and rear doors properly.
  • Remove low and auxiliary low water cut off controls, clean and inspect. Then re-install using new gaskets.
  • Remove plugs in control piping, inspect, clean and re-install.
  • Remove all hand hole and man hole plates. Flush boiler with water to remove loose scaled and sediment.
  • Replace all hand hole and man hole plates with new gaskets.
  • Open feedwater tank manway, inspect and clean as required. Replace manway plate with new gasket.
  • Clean burner and burner pilot.
  • Check pilot electrode and adjust or replace.
  • Clean air damper and blower assembly.
  • Clean motor starter contacts and check operation.
  • Make necessary adjustments to burner for proper combustion and record all results in service report.
  • Perform all flame safeguard and safety trip checks and record results in service report.
  • Check all hand hole plates and man hole plates for leaks at normal operating temperatures and pressures.
  • Troubleshoot any boiler system problems as requested by on-site personnel.


  1. I only do half of these tips so thank you for sharing it. I think some of the maintenance scheme that I missed is the primarily reason I keep on bring it to boiler repair shop.

  2. Sometimes I follow those tips to maintain my boiler. But most of the time I forget to follow those tips. For that reason if my boiler can get any problem then the boiler replacement is necessary for me.

  3. We all know about the importance of boilers that's why the above tips is so much magnitude for maintenance the boiler. I attempted most of the above tips because all are support me for my boiler repair . All tips are truly meaningful.